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We're looking for an improved version of both our logo as well as the current Radio-Jingle!


The Contest

What is there to win?

If your submission in either the radio jingle or logo contest wins (by public vote at the end of the timeframe) you get 6 months free access to the Hackerspace. (Please note that if you already payed your membership, these 6 months will be added. We cannot refund money, sorry.)

Also, at the suggestion of JollySea, there's also a 2nd place to both contests which involves one crate of Club-Mate.

There is also a possibility to win one extra crate of Club-Mate if you unlock the secret level that we announced in one of our Radio Shows.

The winning design will become syn2cat's main logo and of course there will be apparel with it ;)


The winning jingle will become the entry jingle to our RadioShow: LetzHack.

Who can participate?

The contest is open to everyone.


Attention: The deadline has been extended to February 21st, 23:05 MET. The polling will actually take place at the General Assembly on February 28th.

The contest starts now (November 14th, 2009) and will end at 23:05 MET on January 23rd, 2010. During that time, any number of submissions to the contest can be made.

The polls will be open until February 1st and the winners will be announced at the General Assembly in February 2010


Both the logo as well as the jingle should have a recognition value. That is to say that they should bear resemblances to either of the current logos (barcode or pcb) and jingle.

The logo has to be a scalable vector graphic. (Preferably Inkscape svg)

The jingle can be in any file format but shouldn't exceed 20-30 seconds More information on the jingle can be found here: https://www.hackerspace.lu/wiki/RadioJingle

Start from scratch?

You don't have to! Check out the storage repository to get all existing material: Graphx repository.

Need inspiration?

A couple of sites where you might get some inspiration:


Either upload your creation to the page https://www.hackerspace.lu/wiki/Jingle_and_Logo_Contest or contact kwisatz for alternative ways.


You should license your submission under a Creative Commons license. (CC-BY-SA 3.0 preferred)




To upload file: login > upload file (bottom left of side bar) > copy name of uploaded file (top left) > go back to logo contest page > click edit > add copied file name > save page

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