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  • Sunday, December 21st, Finally someone posted some news ;)
    • We have launched the Luxembourgian chapter of Graffiti Research Lab and we will progressively move all LaserTagging and related stuff to that project. If you're into Street Art and Graffiti, check out the site from time to time, there'll certainly be a first meeting around January or February.
    • We've also created an Online-Shop for T-shirts. There are three different shirts to select from at the moment but the number of designs will increase with time. Also note, that you'll support us with €4 with each shirt you buy.
  • Sunday, November 9th, We're making progress towards our first public venue. Check for yourself in the Office section.
  • Saturday, November 1st, Quite a lot has happened since the last update. We still have no place to stay but now have a very clear view on how to achieve our goal.
    • We had an Informational Stand on http://www.hack.lu together with the C3L http://www.c3l.lu At the Hack.lu we were doing a Speed Track to bring the HackerSpace closer to the people.
    • We were Interviewed and Photographed by IT News http://www.itnews.lu this Article should appear in the next release of the Magazine.
    • On the 31st of October we presented ourselves to the LiLux http://www.lilux.lu where we made good ground work in the FOSS for Luxembourg community.
    • But that's not all, we are now planning on a Public demonstration for the Laser Tagging Project. Where we seek help from the Graffiti Scene here in Luxembourg so we don't have to doodle around.
  • Wednesday, October 15th, We'd like to apologize that there haven't been any updates for almost two weeks now. Not because we became lazy, quite on the contrary! We had multiple meetings with newspapers, government officials and associations working in the cultural field. We're still looking for a suitable and affordable location though.
  • Friday, October 3rd, talked to Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner for a joint project. The project involves teaching young kids how to create and maintain a blog with all the privacy related issues explained in Kid-speak.
  • Monday, September 29th, worked on getting the LuxTrust Signing Key working on Gentoo Linux. Also distributed some flyers to c3l people. Steve sent out the press-release to 352 magazine. We should send the others by tomorrow then!!
  • Sunday, September 28th, I've produced a digital 8-page long version of the Info-Folder (12mb).
  • Monday, September 22nd, we had some new people over who take interest in our initative. The Surveillance project was updated and we took a group-photo for our press release
  • Monday, September 15th, Phread from hack.lu paid us a visit and mostly technical stuff going on for he Surveillance project.
  • Monday, September 08th, another meeting at the Chaostreff: It was decided that we ought to have a booth at hack.lu '08 and the ok in that regard was given by Phread. The Chaostreff people also declared themselves ok with backing the HackerSpace as a NPO.
  • Sunday, September 07th, created http://lb.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackerspace and http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/List_of_planned_Hacker_Spaces --kwisatz 21:23, 7 September 2008 (UTC)
  • Monday September 01st, some of us met at the local Chaostreff to discuss further actions. It was decided that we continue as planned and start creating an Info-Folder
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