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Electronic Jewelry, Clothes et al.
Participants: SteveClement
Recording: 2010/03/03 05:00:00 PM
Broadcast: 2010/03/06 01:00:00 PM
Podcast Release: 2010/03/06 02:00:00 PM
Podcast: File:LetzHack ep13 20100306 podcast.ogg
Songs: See list of all songs
QrCode: QR-c6a3f44de191ee38c6f1b8ba6e7499e9.png


  • Jingle
  • Intro: Preview of today's show
  • Review and Outlook: The Hacker Calendar, what Conventions and Events are upcoming?

  • Hacker News
    • If applicable: New Projects at the space.
    • If applicable: Upcoming Workshops.
    • Tool news (cf. Linux Magazin)

Ever wondered how Sheep can be so [1] cool? Look no further in this episode of Lëtz Hack we will take a look at the Digital Wunderground of Electronics, Arts and Jewelry.


Open with Jingle n' Logo Contest

New Project Announcement live edit wiki (reminder)

Give Feedback on General Assembly(ies)

FirstTuesday Presentation went well ...

Talk About HaxoGreen and hacking with kids project

Giving exactly this content to young Girls in Dudelange (with support from FNR)

Song: Bang Bang
Artist Trouble Andrew
Title Bang Bang
Duration 2:30
Album Remixed and Remastered
License Commercial
Description I am Trouble Andrew aka Trevor Andrew "Crunk rock", a sound that we created mixing the musical influences of my youth. I discovered most of my favorite music through the soundtracks to snowboard and sk8 videos. I have been a pro snowboarder for Burton Snowboards for the last 10 years. I was born in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Artist's website

Explain OpenDuino and move over to actual topic

Physical computing was ist das recital:

Advanced Physical Computing "decorative" cube

Making arts n' crafts with that?

Song: Counter Format
Artist Shirobon
Title Counter Format
Duration 2:30
Album Are you Human?
License Commercial
Description lsdj x1 + lots of heavy compression/some eqing etc hope you guys like it! just a cheeky clip, will be on new album ;)
Artist's website

What do you need to get started?

Key component: will to explore

Eeeek, Electricity!

Electronics? Boy playground!

Pah, humbug: LED + Battery = Fun for Everyone.

Explain briefly how easy it really can be, especially in the beginning.

Intro to Lilypad (Arduino on the Air)

To relax some RL Examples:

Interactive Arduino Glove

Fun Boxing Glove

The "back the fuck off" Hoodie

Freaky Arduino Servo Pillow

Soundie, light up musical hoodie

Bike Jacket

Turn Signal for Interactive Bike Jacket

Lilypad Watch

Song: Freiburg V3.0
Artist Tocotronic vs. Console
Title Freiburg V3.0
Duration 3:04
Album n.a.
License Commercial
Description Cover of Tocotronic's "Freiburg" by Console
Artist's website

Analogue vs. Digital Sensors.

How to sew on Cloth? Or is it with cables?

What components do we have at our disposal?

Light Emission
Heat Sensing
Proximity Stuff
Light Sensors
FlexSensors (Bend, Touch etc...)
Potentiometers (Volume example)

Shirt Interactions (Love sensings scarves OR the two-some tshirts)

Beta Passion Sensing Arduino Scarves

OpenSource Soft Wear

The OpenSource Crochet - Boy Beanie v2.0 Design

Song: 14 zero zero
Artist Console
Title 14 zero zero
Duration 3:49
Album n.a.
License Commercial
Artist's website


Arduino Game of Life Heartbeat activated Hoodie

Interactive Coffee Table

RGB LED inside Hamster Ball

The Classic 3D Led Cube BUT based on an Arduino

Nice First 5 Bright White LED Arduino Cloth Project

Clip on Arduino Bag Ornament

20 LED's on Cloth controlled by Arduino

Arduino on Clothes, the Interactive Heart

Breathe 2.0

High-Low Tech at MIT

Pop up Book Paper and Tech

I hope it is to put on your head

Fairytale Fashion show 2010 with Diana Eng
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