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Name: Georges Kesseler
Has interests: Facilities, Office, Sysops
Has these skills: bash, javascript, html, perl, mc68000, apache, rewrite rules, linux, unix, magnets, arduino, soldering, marble runs, circus arts, yoga
Is also a member of:
Plans to attend:
Attended: General Assembly March 2023, General Assembly September 2021, General Assembly March 2020, General Assembly March 2019, Extraordinary General Assembly July 2017, General Assembly March 2017, General Assembly March 2016, General Assembly February 2015, LetzSec-2015-aa, 3d printing 101, Foire de l'Etudiant 2014, Bootstrap 2014-10, Bootstrap 2014-09, SpaceMove2, SpaceMove1, UnBuilding2, UnBuilding1, BoxingDay2, BoxingDay1, Gemeng Stellt Sech Viir … further results

My past projects (before hackerspaces got invented)

First hacking was with a very small friend circle called HAL (Hacker Association Luxemburg) around 1986. Main success was stealing the sysadmin's password and installing our own SUID program (not my exploit though). I was more concentrating on vt100 terminal programming and making them do things which are not really supposed to be possible.

Next came good old computer demo programming, in the times where computers were so low powered that 3D grafics was a huge task and even just moving some objects on the screen got the CPU to it's limits. I was founded a luxemburgish programming crew called Unlimited Matricks which focussed on coding on the Atari ST platform. More infos can be found on the website. Some of the creations can be seen on youtube but would require some technological background to understand what has been achieved and why some people go aaah and oooh over this stuff. I plan on doing a talk about what's all about that ST thing.

On some expo at CRP-HT (lilux?) there was a maze with a Minstorms robots and I quickly hacked together a little algorithm to send the robot through the maze without hardcoding the maze. It was pretty good, even getting out from stuck in corners only by using touch sensors. The people at the robot booth were interested in the program and they saved it for later use. If some of those guys read this: yes that was me.

Another more recent project was a "mechatronical" CD changer (means that it did not have any own logic). Here you get the youtube video of the beast.

Current project is studying everything in relation with multitouch for controlling computers and using that for lasertagging. The Mac-a-Tag software is implemented on Macintosh using existing software and combining them in new ways.

What I am looking for: hardware and uC programmers to implement a rotating POV display for POIs. POI? I mean the juggling things. Just replace the glowsticks in this video by grafics and text messages.

More brainstorming of ideas I have:

  • repair the ST in storage at syn2cat. FAIL! I simply brought mine.
  • set up a working ComputerMuseum with some classic vintage hardware
  • a disk array called the TeraSpace which is just a simple NAS where any member can save data or backups. ALTERNATIVE FOUND
  • translate video into french SauveTaLiberte : DONE
  • honeypot to see what is currently ongoing in the background noise of the net.
  • prepare and do hands on talk about demo programming on Atari ST. First trial seems to be interesting for people. COOL
  • create chocolate keyboard (foodhacker) ChocolateKeyboard : DONE
  • what about a apple iPhone developer license so that anyone could publish an app? Well I now got an Android phone :-)
  • if enough linux systems are available, experiment with distributed clustering (best would be Kerrighed)
  • a game of life GliderStream
  • installing linux on limited hardware Touchy : DONE
  • AtariSTknowhow talks and workshops
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